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Be Your Best Personal Training Cardiff New Blog

Hello everyone (probably not that many of you so far, but hopefully after all the shares of our wonderful articles, this will change) and welcome to a sparkling new website. I'll do my best to update the website very often, so keep your eyes peeled for some awesome Cardiff Personal Trainer deals. 

This is just an introductory blog post to whoever may be interested in the ramblings of myself (Rhodri) and Sarah. Between us, we will be aiming to bring you some fresh, exciting content on a weekly basis. These blogs will cover anything from moaning about the fitness industry, praising the fitness industry, our training, recipes, and further down the line hopefully some very exciting features once a month. 

I'll be jetting away to Borneo for a fortnight on Thursday, to trek through the rain-forest, but upon my return, we will kick start the blog page. This, presuming I survive....I am genuinely terrified of house spiders and wasps (and moths..and fly's..and you get the point) so spending close to a week trekking up Mount Trus Madi might actually just finish me off.

Keeping today short and sweet.