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I have found having Be Your Best PT as personal trainers very beneficial. They were very motivating and tailored exercise to me.

In the past I admit I was very lazy. I didn't push myself and got very bored. I was the only person I knew that could go to the gym for an hour and not break out a sweat. This was a total waste of time and money. Now all that has changed, I find the workouts that Be Your Best PT get me to do are productive and motivating. I feel that I actually achieve something after each session"



I had a great time training with Rhodri. I used to go to the gym regularly but never really knew what I should be doing to improve my strength and overall fitness and my training sessions were quite haphazard and lacked structure. Having Rhodri as a Personal Trainer gave me the confidence to work for the rest of the week on the goals set by Rhod. He is always friendly and encouraging but at the same time made sure to push me when he saw me trying to slack!

His sessions are well structured and tailored to your personal goals and current fitness level and they were varied enough that I never got bored. It was also an added bonus, as a Welsh speaker, to be able to have our training sessions in Welsh. Overall Rhod is a legend and I'd personally be happy to recommend Be Your Best Personal Training to anyone.

Booking training sessions with Be Your Best PT is one of the best things I have ever done in my life! They get me to do things I never thought id be able to do and that makes me feel alive and kicking!!

K. Hughes


I started training with Rhodri at the beginning of the year in an attempt to trim down before the summer and generally feel more confident!

After having a chat and explaining what I hoped to gain from training, Rhodri prepared an excellent personal training program tailored specifically to me and what I aimed to achieve.

Having never been near weights in my life, I was pretty nervous, but Rhodri's patience and brilliant instructions helped me through and in no time I was lifting weights I never imagined I'd be able to!

I noticed a huge change in my body shape and fitness levels within a relatively short period of time.

I definitely recommend Be Your Best Personal Training, whether you've completely new to exercise or trying to get back in to it like myself!

I did the first session with Be Your Best PT without them even knowing about it! I was struggling to get myself round the Cardiff 10k in 2011 and fell in step behind Be Your Best PT who were running with a client. I liked their way of encouraging her and motivating her on the route and I followed them round, memorizing their number as I ran.

Since then, Be Your Best PT has become indispensable!!

I see them weekly in the gym but I have also done some class sessions with them in the park and my friend and I have been running uphill in the forest in Cwm Carn with Be Your Best PT. I’ve lost the weight and regained the energy, which were my initial goals, but I’ve also become healthy enough to conceive at the first attempt. My son is now 3 months old and I continued to see Be Your Best PT weekly until the week before birth, meaning that I had no back pain or other aches throughout the pregnancy. I also had stamina and strength for labour and my postnatal recovery was rapid despite the fact that I needed an emergency Caesarean. Be Your Best PT came to see me in the house from 6 weeks and in September I did the Cardiff 10k again, this time pushing my 13 weeks old son on the way round. More importantly, I’ve been back in my skinny jeans since 10 weeks after giving birth!



My experience with Be Your Best Personal Training has been brilliant. All it took was a quick phone call and a meeting to discuss my goals. Rhodri took me through the Personal Training experience as a whole and summarised what my specific programme would entail, followed by a brief tour at Dave's Gym itself afterwards.

The entire staff are and continue to be extremely welcoming and helpful, which I feel really counts as part of the experience and encourages you to keep going.You really do get the feeling of being in a friendly atmosphere.

I found that there's a programme for everyone no matter what their goals are and the staff are very co-operative and tailor your training to suite your needs without interfering with your daily routine. I am very happy with my own results so far as well as the overall experience and will highly recommend Be Your Best to everyone, no matter what their goals may be.

I started training with Be Your Best PT because I had hurt my knee, could not run and was getting married in four months. From the word go Be Your Best PT was wonderful, making sure they were clear on my goals and priorities. Her approachable and warm personality put me at my ease very quickly and her clear direction allowed me to improve my techniques at every session.

I could clearly see my fast rate of progress as Be Your Best PT stretched me to achieve my wedding goals. Training with Be Your Best PT goes well beyond simple fitness. I look forward to every session and Be Your Best PT's excellent, varied training regime and coaching approach mean I feel 'healed' even after the hardest day at work. Be Your Best PT does not shout, they encourage, enthuse and celebrate success.

I would not hesitate to recommend Be Your Best PT to anyone. As my husband said after only 2 workouts with Be Your Best PT, "I can now understand why you like it so much."

C. Bedford

s. Marsden

I have been training with Be Your Best PT for the last 10 ½ months with the primary goal of losing weight. When I started I weighed 13 stone 9lbs, and was officially classed as obese. My weight caused me a number of issues but it primarily affected my self-esteem. I hated seeing photographs of myself and never felt attractive – I was desperate to lose weight and very unhappy. My goal was to lose 4 stone in weight. With a combination of exercise and eating the right foods, I immediately saw the weight start to fall off.

Sessions with Be Your Best PT were always varied so we didn't get bored. Some days we’d do cardio circuits that pushed us extremely hard while on other days we would learn and perfect new weight lifting techniques from Squats to Deadlifts. While the sessions weren't always fun (burpees are never fun), I was never bored and always went home feeling like I had been pushed and worked hard. Losing weight provided extra motivation to keep working hard – the complements I was getting from friends and family helped too!

Having tried numerous fad diets and exercising on my own nothing had previously worked. I was initially sceptical about seeing a personal trainer but I can honestly say that it was the best decision I (well my husband) has ever made. Not only does Be Your Best PT teach you the best exercises they also educate you on the right types of food to eat. Changing habits that had developed over years were initially hard to break but Be Your Best PT was always there to motivate and offer support.

I now weight 10 s 4lbs and still have 9lbs to lose but I am very happy with my progress and the results that I have achieved so far. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be running 2km to the gym and then completing a training session involving Deadlifting 50kg and bench pressing 20kg I would have laughed at them – but that is exactly where I am and it is all thanks to Be Your Best PT! I can now fit into size 12 clothes.

If you are thinking of booking personal training sessions for weight loss then I couldn’t recommend Be Your Best PT more! They are friendly, cheerful, knowledgeable, motivating, encouraging and they take a big personal interest in their clients. Whenever I was having a bad day Be Your Best PT was there to remind me how well I was doing and to get me back on the right track. Losing the amount of weight that I have has taken time but I’ve done it the healthy way. While there has been room for the odd treat from time to time (takeaway, cake, alcohol etc) there have been some big lifestyle changes that I have implemented, all of which have definitely been worth it.

I now feel much happier and more confident in myself and the way I look and I feel confident that once I reach my target weight I will be able to maintain it thanks to everything that Be Your Best PT has taught me. Don’t hesitate to book a training session with Be Your Best PT – it will be the best decision you make all year!

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